The Perfect Integration of Art and Technology

JOIN CORPORATION Since its establishment, achievements have been made in the R&D, manufacturing and production of various types of touch-sensitive screens. Have a high proportion of professional quality assurance engineers from material cutting, CNC machining, chemical strengthening, automatic printing to all kinds of coating. With our one-stop processing service, the yield rate is improved and input – output is completed rapidly, Thus the most effective quality control and the most delicate glass manufacturing is achieved.

Offer Fully Equipped Production Line and Technology

Protective ink printing → Cutting → Automated CNC Cutting → 2.5D Polishing → Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning → Enhancement → Automated Screen Printing → AF Spray Coating → Laminating, etc.

Higher First Pass Yield in the Industry

The current FPY rate has reached over 80%.

AG. AR. AF Back-end Integration Processing

Has developed mass production integration process for AG etching and spraying, AR electroplating & sputtering and AF electroplating

New Technology Development

With most experienced process developers from major factories, we combine various process developments to achieve mass production, develop the latest technology and ID capabilities to provide solutions, etc.

Comprehensive Middle and Low-level Management Structure

A comprehensive and stable organizational structure from the general manager’s business production quality plan and process development.

High-level Resource Integration and Management Skills

The most professional managerial staff with more than 20 years’ experience.


Competitive Production and Management Technology